Dianne Sherrill

Dianne Sherrill came to Nashville with a dream and through hard work and continuance of believing in her dream, Dianne has achieved many credits over the years performing with many major Country Music Stars and sharing the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.  Her infectious personality and beautiful voice continues to draw crowds and entertain all.




Jimmy Fortune

Jimmy fortune has lived a dreamPerforming with the world famous Statler Brothers, and writing hit songs for them like “Elizabeth”, Jimmy knows that his path has been directed by his Heavenly FatherFor more than 18 years, Jimmy has performed with his own group and travels around the country, and some foreign destinations taking his unique message and music to thousandsWe are pleased to him as a guest on WOAB Radiojimmyfortune.com 



Jimmie Snow

Jimmie was born into Country Music LegendAs son of the Grand Ole Opry Star, Hank Snow, Jimmie learned quickly the work and dedication it takes to achieve the top of any endeavorHis early friendship with Elvis, his own recording career and then his acting on the calling he felt to share the Gospel as a preacher, has molded who Jimmy snow is today and we are so pleased to have such a talented and dedicated man on WOAB sharing his storyjimmysnow.com 




Ronnie McDowell

Ronnie was raised in Portland, TN and he and his 10 other siblings had a mother that worked hard and gave them a warm home full of musicRonnie was imitating Country Music Stars like Hank snow and Hank Williams from age 3 so his desire to sing and entertain became part of his life, all of his life.  Many Top 10 songs and international hits exploded his career over these many decades and today.  Ronnie is a sought-after personality and we are thrilled to have him and his music on WOAB.  ronniemcdowell.com 




Jackson Brumley

Jackson Brumley, son of Albert E. Brumley, writer of “I’ll Fly Away” and so many globally recognized Gospel songs, has preserved the music catalog of his Father’s along the important efforts of his brothers Bob and Albert E. Jr.  So many well-known Country and Gospel Artists have performed his Father’s songs and “I’ll Fly Away” is one of the most recorded songs in historyWe are pleased, at WOAB Radio, that Jackson took the time to give us a number of interviews that will be aired on the show and you will enjoy the stories that are part of the legacy of Albert E. Brumley. 




Carl Jackson

Where do we startCarl’s top talent has led him down so many paths of successAfter a 12-year stint with the incredible superstar Glen Campbell and then pursuing his own career as performer, singer, songwriter and producerCarl has impacted the careers of so many notable country and Gospel Music personalities such as Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Dwight Yoakam, Vince Gill to name a fewCarl continues to use his experience to help new talent and the world is a better place because of Carl JacksonWe are so pleased that Carl spent the time with us and our listeners on WOAB Radio.   carljackson.net 


Duane Allen

A member of the Oak Ridge Boys since 1966, Duane Allen has had a stellar career in Country Music as well as Gospel MusicIt’s little known, but Duane had formal training in Opera and participated in several performances before his becoming an “Oak”.  Today, the “Oaks” are members of the famous “Grand Ole Opry” and tour about 150 dates each yearDuane loves to spend time at home with his lovely wife and his hoppy of Classic CarsWe are honored to have Duane as a guest on WOAB Radiooakridgeboys.com 


Marty Stuart and Connie Smith

Marty Stuart has been a popular personality in Country and Bluegrass music since he first auditioned for Johnny Cash’s band in 1979, and got the jobMarty and his lovely wife, Opry Star Connie Smith, perform regularly together and enjoy every moment on and off stageGrammy Awards, top Country and Bluegrass Songs, collaboration with many top personalities and Marty’s deep passion for the preservation of Country and Bluegrass Music as well as his love for his fans define the uniqueness of the Man and his MusicThanks to Marty and the lovely Connie Smith for taking the time to visit with WOAB Radio and all our listenersmartystuart.net